Natural Swimming Pools

All natural, completely chemical-free organic pools can be designed and built by Blue Iris Pools. As a partner with BioNova Germany and operating with the license and training from the European firm BioNova and utilizing their 20+ years of experience in the construction of all natural swimming pools, Blue Iris Pools commands the knowledge and know-how to properly design and build these unique, self-sustaining ecosystems.

The BioNova technology is built around copying a natural wetland. In earlier times, we could drink waters directly from our lakes, ponds and streams, when nature was in harmony and balance. The BioNova design replicates this harmonious balance in a controlled backyard setting. Plants do the cleaning along with a patented biological filtration system and the design allows for healthy, living water in a sustainable organic backyard pool.

Interestingly, the German word for a swimming pool is Schwimmbad, which translates as "swimming bath", and the German word for a Natural Swimming Pool is Schwimmteich, which translates as "swimming pond". In English, we say Natural Swimming Pool, Natural Swimming Pond or NSP for short.

All natural pools got their start in Austria back in the 1980's, when Europeans decided that a chlorine-free pool could be built to maintain the same water quality as a pristine Alpine lake. Today, natural pools are prevalent throughout central Europe and are very popular in the commercial and public sectors. Some of these pools even sustain bather loads of up to 3000 people/day while maintaining the strict European standards for water quality.

Blue Iris Pools is using the depth of European experience to bring the all natural biological pool design and technology here. For more information, contact us today! (Link it to
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